Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Shower Filter

We know the importance of water filtration when it comes to our drinking water. But what are the benefits of a shower filter? Shower water that is unfiltered contains many chemicals such as chlorine, bacteria, and fungus (coming from the shower head). Our skin is considered the largest organ in the body that is responsible for the synthesis of vitamin D, protection against extreme of temperature, and serving as protection for our immunity from harmful microorganisms. Chlorine present in shower water kills pathogens but may also disrupt the skin microbiome and the good bacteria present on the skin to fight against bad bacteria.


According to studies, unfiltered shower water causes large amounts of chlorine to be absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream than drinking chlorinated water. This is linked with the absorption of chloroform, a chlorine byproduct, a known predisposing factor for cancer. Shower water releases harmful chemicals into the air in the home from paraffin, scented candles, and harmful fragrances causing indoor air pollution, and along with warm air and water, opening the lungs, thus making inhalation of these harmful chemicals easier. A heat coming from shower water can cause these chemicals to vaporize, and are released into the air. The chemical which is present in shower water is associated with cancer and other health problems. Chlorine vapor and chloramine vapor are linked with higher risk of asthma, liver malfunction, weakened immune system, and pre-arteriosclerotic changes. According to a study in Hartford Connecticut, breast cancer is also linked to the accumulation of large amounts of chlorine compounds in the breast tissue with fifty to sixty percent organochlorine levels.  To know more about shower, visit


Given these facts,  shower water filters are effective in filtering chlorine and chloramine with the use of carbon, charcoal, vitamin C or kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF). Carbon filters are effective in chlorine removal and it is a budget friendly option. AquaBliss Shower Filter are made of premier quality materials such as active carbon, KDF-55 and calcium sulfite using a three-stage filtration process that can purify your shower water given any temperature. For more information about Aquabliss, feel free to check their homepage or website now!


AquaBliss shower wand filters offer the best way to protect you and your family against the harmful health effects of chlorine and other toxic chemicals in your tap water supply. Unfiltered water contains chemical pollutants with all their associated health risks, including the infamous chlorine and its damaging effects on the body.

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